Pain is no laughing matter

Not being able to feel better can be draining

* What if we could minimize or eliminate your pain

* What would it be like to move around without feeling pain

* What if you were able to do the things you used to do

Looking at the body as a whole and not just the symptoms

We are able to get a clearer picture as to what is causing the pain or dysfunction at the root level. We want to get to the root and clear the imbalances for a more effective result.
Using Kinesiology, known as muscle testing, along with Chinese Medicine and other modern advances in Energy Medicine, we will be able to effectively minimize if not eliminate the pain and restore balance and vitality back to the body.


"I was in deep pain when our paths miraculously crossed again. I met Teri Stanley in November 2015 during an event in Santa Ana, California and connected right away. It was natural to hope to get together again during my short holiday in the same area at the beginning of May this year. Teri's schedule was pretty busy, though, when suddenly an opening came up just when I needed her the most. The day before we were supposed to meet for lunch, a piece of bread stuck in my throat made me cough pretty badly. To make things even worse, an excruciating burst of pain arised in my right lower right side of my abdomen belly - the ovary, appendix area. I could hardly walk or stay on my feet and the slighest movement hurt. The anti inflammatory pills and energy work I did helped me go throughout the day without seeing a doctor. The next morning, Teri arrived one half earlier. I asked her for help. Teri identified the problem and treated accordingly, The pain started fading right away and until the evening it was completely gone. The day after Teri performed her energy of me, I returned home to Europe. I spent 13 hours seated in the plane without the slightest discomfort. I am forever grateful to Teri Stanley for helping me. I highly recommend her as a healer but also as a beautiful soul and human being." ~ Andreea

If nothing has helped in the past

or has helped and has come back then this is a great place to be. My clients have found relief when nothing else seemed to have helped. 

The benefits from working with me

* You will begin to feel the pain subside* You will begin to understand how your pain got to the point it is at*  You will begin to feel more energized and more balanced* You will feel more calm and centered* You will feel empowered to start to live the life you want.


Committing to Your Health and Vitality

Sessions are 1 hour long

1   session    = $65


"It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Teri Stanley. I have been a licensed physical therapist for 23 years and practicing primarily in outpatient orthopedics. Her knowledge of Kinesiology and expertise in using the Emotion Code is impressive. In my experience, her treatments are accurate, efficient and productive. Along with her undeniable talent, I found her ease and sensitivity in dealing with those seeking her help impressive. Her accuracy with her insights and sensitivity to others are wonderful." ~ Donna