Feel whole again

Feel whole again

Feel whole againFeel whole againFeel whole again

Discover healing sessions that leave you feeling empowered and renewed with a sense of relief

Being an intuitive healer and mentor I can help you get past your physical and emotional pain by helping you get to the root issues causing them.

Sometimes we need assistance to understand what is happening and why.

We may also need new skills and tools to help us achieve the balance in our body and mind that keeps us healthy and able to make the changes we need to live healthier, happier and more successful lives. 

We might not have come with a manual but I can help guide you on the path and give you tools so that you understand yourself better than you ever have. 


Our mental state is defined by our beliefs. By the time we're four years old, 90 percent of our

beliefs have already been instilled in

our subconscious mind. A four-year old’s

perspective is very innocent, but

at the same time it's not exactly

correct, and those beliefs are the

breadcrumbs throughout our life.

Many of my clients have experienced

emotional hardships during their

lifetime. The impact of those

experiences distort their personal view

of themselves where they are left

feeling unworthy, unlovable, not wanted, and not feeling good enough. I help people

navigate through these emotions. I provide tools and together we move forward and release those beliefs that are no longer of benefit to them. This purging allows my clients to live their authentic life.”

I lead with emotions because emotions usually trigger a physical response in the

body: pain, upset, depression, anxiety, feeling like you're stuck and unable to move, knowing that something's off, feeling that you're broken...all those negative things that we feel about ourselves can create pain within the body. It's the body's way of saying something's wrong, pay attention to me, I'm not in balance.

I've helped people reach for their stars when they felt they were out of reach. Together we heal the inner child, we demolish blocks, we learn to trust our inner voice and use our intuition to love ourselves again and move past the pain and trauma from childhood. We can see things in a new, more uplifting, beneficial light.

Why I do What I do....

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