How I can Help You

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Teri Stanley, D.PSc

is an intuitive holistic healer and coach, certified in Touch For Health Kinesiology, The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Access Conscious Bars and is an Awakening Practitioner as well as a Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner. As an intuitive holistic healer, Teri combines multiple modalities and intuition into her healing techniques such as muscle testing, nutrition, acupressure, meridian balancing, psychological kinesiology, Theta, Cognitive Behavioral Theories, NLP, chakra balancing, meditation, crystals, light therapy, low level light therapy, pendulum, therapeutic grade essential oils and works closely with your angels and guides. Teri has been in the business of helping people feel better for 4 years. 

Teri gives people natural solutions to their physical pain as well as help them through their emotional pain and difficulties. The one thing her clients always say is how comfortable she makes them feel. Teri takes the time to explain what is happening on the inside and also give suggestions and tools for them to incorporate into their life. Teri works a lot with the energy of the body as well as the belief system. These are two aspects that she has seen that really helps clients get the results they are looking for.


My Work

is completely non-invasive. My job is not to make others relive their trauma but rather get to the root of their emotional and physical pain and change the nature of the energy produced within their body. I balance the body using tapping and breathing techniques, muscle testing, the Chinese Meridian System, as well as other relevant tools and practices used to help navigate through pain and emotional upsets. I provide personalized sessions, as I understand each person is on a unique journey with different levels of pain, trauma and setbacks. I talk to the body through means of my proven techniques to see what it requires to heal itself. Each person’s body tells a story and it’s my job to uncover it. I help the body heal in order to help the individual reach their full potential. 

Why I do what i do

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A note from me...


My work is so big and so profound and brings me such joy. 

I have helped people with their physical pain, the emotional pain, I've helped people reach for their stars when they felt they were out of reach. Together we've healed the inner child, we've demolished blocks, we've learned to trust our inner voice and use our intuition, we've even learned to feel energy and how to keep our body and mind strong. I've taught how to love ourselves again and move past the pain and trauma from childhood. I've taught how to see things in a new, more uplifting, beneficial light.

I'm so grateful and honored to have worked with so many people AND THEIR PETS!

Yes, our little fur babies have been hurt, are hurting or need simple treatments for separation anxiety, other behavioral issues and some health issues as well.

I've helped people connect to their departed loved ones, given guidance by their spiritual advisers (Angel's and guides) and brought them back to the beloved Divine when they felt they were unworthy of this Divine grace and love.

What I do is so awesome! On a soul level it is so fulfilling and on a human level, I stand in awe what transforms before my eyes.

It is with great honor and gratitude that I continue my work. This work is truly who I am. I am blessed to be able to be of such benefit and comfort to those that need it and want it.

I admit, that my work isn't for everyone and that is okay. When you work from your heart, it makes no difference.

Here is to a WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, LOVE filled year!!!