Calm your jets down


Is stress ruining your relationships? Your health? Your quality of life?

* What would it feel like to break free from the stress cycle?

* How would you like to keep your body healthy in times of stress?

* How would it feel to have a full night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed?

* Would you like to learn how to communicate in a way that lowers your stress?

Often times stress is at the root

of health issues, relationship issues, lack of communication, sleepless nights, financial woes, work issues and I could go on and on. It seems like there is nothing stress doesn't have its little hand in. In our fast paced, on-demand society, it is no wonder stress is lurking around every corner. 

With my help you will learn:

* Proven techniques to identify and reduce your personal stress

* How to manage the stress you currently have while learning how to redirect new potential stress

* How to have difficult conversations with ease and confidence

* You will feel happier, lighter and more in control of your stress

* You will have more energy, more joy and motivation to keep using the tools you learn

Each week you will be given a new technique

Focusing on one technique at a time will help you master it so that when stress does come up, you will have no problems implementing the techniques you have learned.

Limited space is available for those that are:

* Serious about creating changes that last!

* Looking for more joy and happiness in their life!

* Want to live a healthier, stress free life!

What you need to know

Classes consist of 4 - 1 hour sessions 

Class is $80


*Note: Sessions may go longer than an hour due to individualized techniques and extra guidance if needed

Sign up for webinar please click on the scheduler link below and then select the Stress Management webinar.

If you experience any difficulties please contact me directly!