Resonating Relationships


Creating Relationships That Last

* What if you knew exactly how to attract the right relationship with ease and confidence?

* What if you could experience more love in our relationship?

* What if you could feel more connectedness with your partner?

Well, you are not alone my friend.

Unresolved issues from past relationships have a way of creeping into our current relationships. Most of us have unresolved issues from past relationships, whether that relationship was our parents, our siblings or other loved ones. Their affect on us can be very lasting and might be creating the blocks affecting your relationships.

During this program we will look at:

*  Your conflict resolution styles

* Current emotional/relationship pain evaluation

* History of family traumas

* Conscious awareness and avoidance patterns

* Visualizing your ideal partner

* Identifying conflict belief statements

* Identifying any cords 

* Goal alignment

Once these styles and patterns have been identified we will remove the underlying imbalances that keep you stuck in these areas. 


Together, we can help you to remove the blocks to love and romance and help you find true joy in your relationships.

* You will be given 5 one hour long sessions with me meeting once a week

* We will be clearing the blocks to love and romance and help you find true joy in relationships

* We will be clearing the blocks that keep you from attracting the right partner

* You will be given tools to help maintain emotional balance between sessions and during emotional flare     ups in the relationship

* You will feel lighter, happier and more empowered by your choices

* You will feel more joy and love


  "Teri has changed the look in my eyes. Not only have I noticed a change in my spirit, but so have those around me as they ask me where my new sense of light comes from. Upon our first meeting, my eyes were filled with tears of hope. Her presence alone brings peace to my body and soul. I can't really explain it, but I can feel it every moment we spend together. People are now gravitating towards me and I can't thank her enough. Thank you, Teri, you have change my entire outlook on the past, future, but most importantly, the present. Never stop sharing your gift. "  ~ Karen   

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