Breaking Through Toxic Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Half Day Work Session


We all have that inner critic that doesn’t always say the nicest things. The words we think and say affect our quality of life as well as shape our view of the world. Our inner critic can hold us hostage, keep us from experiencing deep joy and has the ability to stop us dead in our tracks. Our inner critic is also our self-sabotage that prevents us from reaching our full potential. 

Understanding the frameworks that underlie self–sabotage, we can learn new patterns for facing our fears, dealing with anger, moving past our pain, and creating new uplifting, helpful self talk that will motivate and empower us to live with more clarity, joy and fulfillment in ourselves as we begin to live the vision we have for ourselves.

Through this half day empowering and transformational session you will gain much clarity, healing and freedom.

We will look at where your inner critic has held you hostage and what areas of your life you would like to transform. 

I will help you heal past experiences and show you how those experiences have given you great insights and wisdom.

I will help you transform your negative self talk into empowering self talk that will keep you motivated as you move towards the your vision.

You will be introduced to new ways of thinking designed just for you to help you make progress towards the things you want. 

You will be given easy to remember tools to help shift old patterns of thinking and behaving during emotional upsets that lead to self-sabotage.

You will be gently guided through meditations to find, heal and let go of the fears, pain and negativity from the past.

I will balance your body using tonning, meditation, acupressure and other energy modalities. When our bodies are balanced we experience more ease and flow; we are more grounded and centered; we are open to new possibilities; we are able to keep our vibration high. 

Together, we will outline the direction you want to head towards and get clarity on the steps needed to reach your hearts desires.

You will be given many tools to help you 

· identify and stop your fear 

· become more aware of your self talk

· choose more empowering thinking

· overcome self-sabotage

· learn how to communicate and get your needs met

· learn to let go of your “story” and live more mindfully

· learn how to recover from emotionally charged situations

· learn to step into your power and stay there

During our 5 hours together snacks and lunch will be provided. Please let me know when you schedule your session of any food allergies or sensitivities. 

Location! Location! Location! The location will be determined when we make the appointment. For those of you not living near me, I am willing to travel near you and set us up in a nearby hotel or AirB&B for a pampering, healing experience. 

After our work session you may have questions or need some extra guidance, this is to be expected and we will schedule a time for a follow up call or skype session, at no extra cost, to address any issues that may come up. 

You get a 5 hour transformational session which includes travel, the snacks, lunch and refreshments, all the handouts and other needed materials as well as the follow up phone or skype session for only $397. 

Please call Teri to schedule or if you have questions at 949-235-3404